Capturing memories and feelings
in a moment.

We’re here to help you do just that.

We can help you document those important moments in life and turn them into memories. From family photos to senior portraits to family events such as an engagement party or a launch party for your new business venture. You want to promote your business, let us help you put its best foot forward.


Near and Far Media is so much more than a media company.

We’re the founders Ryan and Stephanie.

We are individuals who are creative and passionate. We specialize in photography, videography, and dronography, and work with clients from Maryland to Washington DC. We help you sell your homes, and we help you to capture memories and the key moments in life.


Ryan Prell

Born in Annapolis, Maryland where he spent most of his earlier years. It wasn’t until he moved with his family to Florida that he was able to get into photography. Initially photography was just a hobby for him, that is until some of his pieces were published locally. From there he became a freelance photographer for a tourist magazine. A few years later Ryan was able to use his skills with photography in a different light. As a private investigator he was able to explore another side to the photography industry in dealing with videography. He has lived everywhere from Florida, to Seattle, to Asheville, and finally back home to Maryland. It was after moving to the shore with his family that he decided to pursue his hobby once again. In December 2017 Ryan, with the help of his business partner, decided to create what is Near and Far Media.


Stephanie Marriott

An Eastern Shore native, Stephanie picked up her first camera at the age of 10, while enrolled in an enrichment program at school. This is where she learned her skill with film photography. From there the camera became an extension of herself and a way for her to explore the world around her. Her photography took off when she visited Vietnam while in high school which resulted in her first cover and publication. Stephanie has lived in many different places including California where she attended Brooks Institute for Visual Journalism. She moved to Dublin, Ireland and lived there for five years before she and her family relocated to their current home in St. Michaels Maryland.



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